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HttpClientFactory .NET Core 2.1

The HttpClientFactory allows you to create HttpClient instances to be used in your application. The HttpClientFactory provides a central location for naming and configuring HttpClients that you are able to pre-configure allowing you to access specific services.

Working with Amazon S3 in .NET Core 2.0

Amazon S3 is a simple storage service that allows you to store, retrieve and delete objects in the cloud. Amazon S3 is highly scalable, reliable and fast storage solution. This post covers how to interact with Amazon S3 within a .NET Core 2.0 WebAPI.

ASP.NET Core 2.0: Implementing a 3rd Party Web API

A common task for a developer when working with or building an application is implementing and interacting with APIs. In this post we will look at what an API is. We will then move onto creating our own .NET Core 2.0 Web API that implements a 3rd party Web API.