ASP.NET Core 2.0: Implementing a 3rd Party Web API

A common task for a developer when working with or building an application is implementing and interacting with APIs. In this post we will look at what an API is. We will then move onto creating our own .NET Core 2.0 Web API that implements a 3rd party Web API.

Integration Testing in .NET Core 2.0

This blog post shows you how to create an in-memory integration testing framework that is quick and easy to setup for a .NET core 2.0 Web Service.

Why Reading the Documentation is Important

There was a time when I glanced over documentation when starting on a new project or feature. I was so hungry to get started writing code, that I would quickly skim read the project's readme file or the front page…

Developer Bootcamp

Developer bootcamps are often associated with 3rd party organisations offering bootcamps to help train junior developers looking to get into their first job. Development bootcamps are used as a way to upskill an individual's coding knowledge rapidly. Why are bootcamps…