July 24, 2017

The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide Book Review

The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide Book Review

I was lucky enough to be given an early copy of John Sonmez's second book, The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide his first being Soft Skills: The software developer's life manual

The book contains a massive 800 pages, I have to admit, when I heard how many pages this book was, I started to think about one of those big technical books that you struggle to get through. I was pleasantly surprised to find the structure, spacing and design of the book makes it easy to read and more importantly easy to consume.

If you are new to development, then this really is a must read!!! If you have been in development for a while and are looking to advance your career or to reconfirm your own understandings then this book will help.

What is in this book?

The book being 800 pages long, it contains a fair bit of information.

Getting Started as a Software Developer

If you are brand new to software development and need help on how to get started, then this chapter helps explain the different approaches you can take to get into development.

It covers the technical skills you need to have and it also takes you through how to develop those technical skills.

If you are sitting there lost, not knowing how to move forward in this profession, this chapter will clear that all up.

Getting a Job

This chapter goes through the different ways you can land your first development job. Getting your first development job is not easy, having someone explain the ways to make that happen is really beneficial.

If you are like me and wanting to switch from a testing role to a development role then this section also covers ways to make that switch and more importantly what you can do before making the switch, to make it easier.

What You Need to Know About Software Development

Developing software isn't all about writing code, there is a lot of extra stuff that you learn when starting as a software developer in a company. This chapter takes you through the different types of development, DBAs and Devops, Source Control, Continuous Integration, Debugging and a lot more. It is useful to understand all the different types of roles, tools and techniques that you use in your day to day job, this chapter helps explains all of these.

Working as a Developer

What are the extra things you need to learn and know when working as a developer? This chapter talks about, how to deal with coworkers, dealing with your boss, how to sell your ideas, getting a raise or promotion. This is must know information that helps you become an effective developer and team player.

Advancing Your Career

It's important to know and understand how you can advance your career for current and future employers. It isn't just about being great at coding, its about making sure you network with people, that you are keeping your skills up to date.

This section also covers the importance of starting and creating a blog, speaking and attending conferences. If you serious about your job and making the most out of it, then this chapter helps set you up, to take you to the next level. I've really enjoying reading this chapter, it's given me confidence and a clear path forward to help me progress especially outside of just trying to be good at writing code.


While you can learn a lot of what this books talks about on the job, it takes years to learn and understand the information that this book provides. I wish this book had been available when I was starting out, it would have given me a real head start in my career as a software developer.


The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide


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